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There Are Levels To This!

Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. Most associate love in the form of a romantic relationship, but it's so much more! Aside from the romantic association, we are in relationships with our food, careers, family, friends and most importantly ourselves! Our ability to form healthy and loving relationships is learned from our past experiences, dating back to our childhood. Our earliest experiences define our needs as it pertains to food, care, warmth, protection, social contact, etc. Sometimes these patterns are healthy and sometimes they are not. 


As you move through your coaching journey, we'll talk about your relationships as it pertains to connection. We'll uncover how you are using your life's experience to connect to the things and/or people. In my program, you'll begin to understand that your past does not have to be your future by using my LEVELS method. You'll gain the skills necessary to recognize how the deeply ingrained patterns, that you've built, may be holding you back and how to free yourself! Are you ready to reach new levels in your life and start your journey?

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