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My Transformation Journey


There are only two differences between these two photos: 7 months and a mindset shift! In the photo on the left, I was conforming to what I thought I should be. I thought I had to be serious, professional looking and wear solid colors. After all, isn't that what successful women are supposed to do? On the right, I decided to let go and be myself! I consulted with a tailor, had my dress made, put on some fun sandals, let my hair down and let Dodi come out!


Let's talk about what happened during those seven months. The truth is, I'd honestly had enough. I was in an unhealthy relationship; a high stress job and I didn't know what happiness or freedom felt like! My whole life was centered around trying to be perfect and meeting the expectations of others. Although I didn't know where to start, I just made a decision, and it was to finally choose myself!

I made the decision to wake up every day and say "I Am Not Your Expectations" to the world and march to the beat of my own drum. I started living my life and seeking to understand the generational trauma that I'd experienced to break the cycle. In doing so, I created the methods that you'll find in the I Am Not Your Expectations program.


These days, I am truly happy and refuse to settle in any area of life! The photos above are confirmation that the right attitude can truly elevate your life! This was only the beginning of my journey, are you ready to see what yours looks like?

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